Why you need a will

It’s important to make sure that after you die, your assets and possessions (known as your estate) will go to the people and organisations (known as your beneficiaries) you choose, such as family members and charities you want to support.

Your estate includes your personal possessions, as well as assets such as:

  • property (in the UK or overseas)
  • savings and investments
  • insurance funds
  • pension funds

If you die without a valid will, it could be difficult for your family to sort out your affairs. Your estate will be shared out according to the rules of intestacy. Under these rules, only married partners, civil partners and certain close relatives can inherit your estate.

If you and your partner are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner won’t have the right to inherit – even if you’re living together.

It’s important to make a will if you:

  • own property or a business
  • have children
  • have savings, investments or insurance policies

Using a Solicitor

You can make your will yourself, but you should only consider this if your will is straightforward. If you do make your own will, you should still get a solicitor to check it over.

Making a will without using a solicitor can result in mistakes or something not being clear, especially if you have several beneficiaries or your finances are complicated. Your executor will have to sort out any mistakes and might have to pay legal costs. This will reduce the amount of money in your estate. Mistakes in your will could even make it invalid.”

It’s important to use a solicitor when:

  • you share a property with someone who is not your wife, husband or civil partner
  • you have a dependent, such as a child, who cannot care for themselves
  • several family members may make a claim on the will
  • you own property overseas or a business
  • your permanent home is not in the UK

Brewer Wallace are a member of the Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS), which means that we meet the Law Society’s high standards for wills and probate services, and comply with the WIQS Client Charter.  You will be using a specialist legal professional who is regulated and insured, unlike most other will-writing service providers.

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