Here at Brewer Wallace Solicitors, we are aware that fraud scams are on the rise. In many cases, scammers will use domain names which are almost identical to the correct domains of firms in an attempt to misdirect funds.

For clarity, Brewer Wallace Solicitor’s will not change our bank details during the course of your transaction. Neither will we email you with our bank account details, requesting payment of any amount required to complete your transaction or due to us for fees.

If you receive an email or other correspondence with apparent details of Brewer Wallace Solicitor’s bank account, or any communication you deem to be suspicious, please telephone the file handler on the number enclosed in our initial engagement letter or our website to confirm whether the communication is genuine, and to confirm the correct bank payment details.

You must do this even if the request for payment is received at a time when you are expecting it.  Never assume that an email is from a genuine source, just because an earlier email in a chain may have been verified as genuine. Scammers can track your email correspondence, learn to mimic the style of any senders, and even take over long running genuine email exchanges at any stage, to make a fraudulent payment request even harder to spot.