Residential Property Purchase – New Instruction Pack

Thank you for instructing Brewer Wallace to deal with your purchase.

In order that we can proceed with the matter, please follow the below instructions, and return the documents listed in Section 2 to us as soon as possible.

1.    Please download, read and retain the following documents :

1.1    Our Standard Terms and Conditions of Business

1.2    Notice of Right To Cancel

1.3    ID Guidance Notes

1.4.   Your Guide to the Purchase Process

2.    Please download, complete, sign and return the following documents (and follow any separate instructions within them) :

2.1    Residential Purchase Questionnaire

2.2    Source of Funds Questionnaire

2.3    Joint Ownership Form

2.4    First-Time Buyer Declaration

2.5    Stamp Duty Declaration Form

2.7    Will Enquiry Form

2.8    Purchase Documents Return Checklist

3.    Please confirm your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Business