What is a Notary?

A Notary is a qualified lawyer who is appointed and regulated by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Most notaries are solicitors all though there is in no need to be a solicitor to become a notary.

Notaries are mainly concerned with the authentication and certification of documents which will be used abroad. These documents include commercial and private client documents.

Notaries acting for commercial clients would prepare the following:

  • Providing notarised copies of company documents.
  • Witnessing Powers of Attorney, Trade mark Applications and renewals.
  • Dealing with Shipping matters in cases where notarial intervention is needed.
  • Dealing with dishonoured bills of exchange.
  • Providing notarially verified ID of Directors and others for use abroad.
  • Attesting Declarations or Affidavits for use in foreign court cases.
  • Taking evidence statements in proceedings outside the UK.

Notaries acting for private individuals, as opposed to companies, would do or prepare the following:-

  • Notarisation of degree certificates and other academic qualifications.Consents for children travelling abroad.
  • Powers of Attorney for people buying or selling property abroad.
  • Sponsorship applications for visitors to the UK from outside the European Union.
  • Administering and drawing up Affidavits and Declarations for overseas use.
  • Witnessing signatures and signing of documents for use abroad.
  • Providing certified copies of documents.
  • Providing documents to enable foreign assets in a deceased person’s estate to be dealt with.
  • Obtaining Appostilles and Legalisation on documents.
  • Applications for overseas Citizens of India.
  • Providing affidavits of freedom to marry outside of the UK.
  • Any other type of notarial intervention.